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Sarah Phillips Founder + Senior Account Manager + Brand Strategist

Michelle Marcinowski  Account Manager + Head Stylist

Michelle Marcinowski Account Manager + Head Stylist

Callie Turbitt  Account Manager + Graphic Designer 

Callie Turbitt Account Manager + Graphic Designer 

About 52

52 Thursdays Creative is a boutique media consulting firm with a strong emphasis on Lifestyle, Fashion and Health. It is our passion to help build successful brands and to be an integral part of our clients growth. While using our perceptive eye for emerging new trends that empower and revitalize brands and businesses, we also take great pride in staying true to your vision and the overall growth and health of your company.

We built 52 Thursdays Creative to be able to handle everything from small production shoots to high fashion editorial production and everything in between. We are dedicated to growing your brand and your business on time and under budget.

The 52 Thursdays Creative team is compiled of highly qualified graphic artists, social media experts, skilled writers and talented photographers which makes our work stand out from the crowd. We pride ourselves on creating the most engaging social media content, beautifully written and curated blog posts and unique graphics that will catch your customer's attention.

Founder, Sarah Phillips, started out as a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger 4 years ago, with blog 52 Thursdays, and continues to create high-end digital content for her blog and many other lifestyle focused brands and businesses while residing in Washington, DC. Her knowledge and dedication to fitness has landed her many partnerships with top activewear brands and also as the Fashion and Beauty Editor of Strong Fitness Magazine.  She knows the ins and outs of working with bloggers, influencers and PR agencies and is excited to create engaging new content that will grab your audience’s attention.

52 Thursdays Blog Co-Founder and new 52 Thursdays Creative Account Manager, Michelle Marcinowski, joined the team in 2016 and is helping clients create beautiful content on the west coast. Her skill sets include assessing client needs, assisting them with buying merchandise, offering advise on makeup/ hair, and instilling self confidence in her growing client base. Michelle has an eye for detail, the ability to coordinate and accessorize outfits and strong interpersonal skills which she has developed in the course of over 9 years working in this industry with a fashion design degree. She helps create content by listening to customer's needs and understanding each individual client in order to personalize and tailor suggestions to their aesthetic preferences and personal style. This can be found in her past work as a fashion consultant, closet organizer and creative social media and digital content contributor. 

Callie Turbitt joined the team in 2016 as our head Graphic Designer and Account Manager. Callie has great passion for design and this passion flows over to accounts she designs for and manages. Callie uses her knowledge of social media paired with her experience in design to help clients reach their potential.